Friday, January 7, 2011

Podcasts I'm following

One very nice way to keep up with development in the SE-space is listening to podcasts while doing something boring like commuting, doing the dishes, etc. Here I list my personal favorites.

  • The JavaPosse - Four very experienced Java developers talking about news in the JVM-space (Java, Scala, Groovy, Android, etc). Episodes of interviews and recorded sessions from their yearly open-space conference (The Java Posse Round-up) are also sprinkled in the feed. They've been running for over five years now and continues to keep up.
  • The JavaSpotlight - The official (I think) Java podcast from Oracle. Half an hour weekly show with all Oracle-related Java news.
  • The NetBeans podcast - The official podcast form the NetBeans team at Oracle. News on my favorite IDE.
  • The Basement Coders - A group of experienced developers sharing their thoughts on lots of Java-related subjects and conducting interviews with interesting people.
There is no excuse for not keeping up with the development, just install your favorite podcast receiver and start to use your dull times!

What are you listening to? Make a comment with your personal favorite podcasts.

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